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GEMS Fee Review Supplementary Paper

1 Dec 2017 09:00 AAEDT
2 Feb 2018 17:30 AAEDT

The Department of the Environment and Energy (the Department) is currently undertaking a review of the fees associated with the delivery of registration and compliance services under the Greenhouse and Minimum Standards Act 2012 (GEMS Act). This supplementary paper responds to issues raised by stakeholders after consideration of the GEMS Fee Review 2016-2017 consultation paper and should be read in conjunction with that paper.

On 13 February 2017, the Department invited stakeholders to comment on the proposed recommendations in the GEMS Fee Review 2016-2017 consultation paper. Ten submissions were received. Stakeholders included industry associations and manufacturers.

In general, stakeholders considered that full cost recovery for GEMS was contingent on improved transparency and cost effectiveness. Some stakeholders commented that the proposed increase in the fees would have detrimental impacts on industry. Several stakeholders noted improving efficiency and reducing costs was critically important to reduce any potential fee increase.

Following comments from stakeholders, it was agreed that an additional paper be developed to look further at the costs of the registration and compliance activities, including efficiency gains.

As part of the development of the supplementary paper, the Department has carried out the following activities:

  • a detailed time allocation survey and analysis of GEMS staff to clearly distinguish time spent on cost-recoverable and non-cost recoverable activities
  • analysis of check-testing costs to ensure they are accurate and reflective of the current check-testing practices
  • re-visiting the fee band allocation to reduce any significant cross-subsidisation
  • recognition of increasing efficiencies in staffing allocation
  • clearly explained the key registration and compliance activities.

The supplementary paper proposes new fee bands and reallocation of products according to the overall registration and compliance monitoring costs including check testing.

All interested stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the supplementary paper by 5pm AEDT Friday 2 February 2018 via .

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