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Report: LED Lamp and Dimmer Testing Compatibility 2016


Report: LED Lamp and Dimmer Testing Compatibility 2016

Category: Lighting

Date: 16/12/2016

LED Lamp and dimmer testing compatibility report

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), on behalf of the E3 Program, has undertaken the testing of dimmers with dimmable LED lamps. The objective of the testing was to identify the level of compatibility of a selection of LED dimmable lamps with existing dimmers installed in Australian homes.

The scope of testing included dimmer models most commonly installed in homes, tested with a sample of dimmable LED lamp types available in the Australian market. This included:

•    240v omni-directional lamps
•    240v GU10 directional lamps
•    12v MR16 directional lamps connected to common transformers.

Note, the test results are not an assessment of the quality or claims of the individual products selected, rather how a combination of products perform together in the tests carried out for this initial evaluation of the extent to which compatibility issues are present in the market.  Further, manufacturers of the specific products tested may not be claiming that the specific product combinations tested in this exercise are compatible with each other.
To further transition to efficient lighting in Australia, the E3 Program is working with industry to develop a ‘find an LED lamp that works with my dimmer’ resource.  Further testing is planned as part of developing this resource which will provide a compatible list of products (non-compatible products will not be listed). This information resource will be promoted to electricians and households, to provide the opportunity for households to avoid the cost of replacing their existing dimmer systems when switching to LED.