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01 Oct

Presentation: Refrigerated Display & Service Cabinets - Strategies to increase Energy Efficiency of non-domestic refrigeration in Australia and New Zealand

Category: Refrigeration - Commercial | Date: 01/10/2009

This presentation was delivered by Rod King & Tony Fairclough.

01 Oct

Report: In from the Cold - Background Technical Report Volume 2

Category: Refrigeration - Commercial | Date: 01/10/2009

This report is one of two technical support documents associated with In from the Cold, the 10 year strategic plan to promote energy efficiency in the non-domestic refrigeration sector in Australia andNew Zealand.

03 Sep
28 Jul

Presentation: Testing Issues: Unbalanced Type Portable Spot Coolers

Category: Space Heating and Cooling | Date: 28/07/2009

This presentation was delivered by Allan Taylor, Consultant to the Portable Air Conditioner Stakeholder Meeting held on the 28th of July 2009.

01 Jun

Regulatory Ruling: 39B - Refrigerators - Scope of the regulation of household refrigerators and freezers

Category: Refrigeration - Domestic | Date: 01/06/2009

This ruling has been prepared on behalf of all regulators for energy labelling and MEPS for electrical appliances in Australia and New Zealand. This ruling represents an agreed interpretation of the relevant regulations.

22 May
05 Jan

Presentation Notes: Welcome and Introduction - In From The Cold Forum

Category: Refrigeration - Commercial | Date: 05/01/2009

This welcome address was delivered by Sara Williams, Director of the Heating and Cooling Team of the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts.

19 Dec

Review: Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and Mercury

Category: Lighting | Date: 19/12/2008

Review of the Maine Compact Fluorescent Lamp study (February 2008)

12 Dec

Report: National Hot Water Strategic Framework

Category: Water Heating | Date: 12/12/2008

At the 13 December 2007 meeting, MCE agreed to the development of measures for a national hot water strategy under Stage 2 of the National Framework for Energy Efficiency.

01 Dec

Decision Regulatory Impact Statement: Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Alternative Strategies for Close Control Air Conditioners

Category: Space Heating and Cooling, MEPS | Date: 01/12/2008

This Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) was prepared by EnergyConsult Pty Ltd for the Equipment Energy Efficiency Committee, which reports to the Ministerial Council on Energy (MCE).