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05 Mar

Presentation: Gas Water Heaters: New Test Method

Category: Water Heating | Date: 05/03/2007

20 Feb

Press Release: World first! Australia slashes greenhouse gases from inefficient lighting

Category: Lighting | Date: 20/02/2007

This press release was issued by the Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources on the 20th of February, 2007.

03 Oct

Presentation: Introduction - Gas Water Heaters

Category: Water Heating | Date: 03/10/2006

28 Aug

Discussion Paper: The Future of Energy Efficiency Labelling of Gas Water Heaters in Australia and New Zealand

Category: Water Heating | Date: 28/08/2006

This paper has been prepared to help inform government, industry and stakeholders of the findings of some recent consumer research and its implications.

10 May

Process: The Australian MEPS and Energy Rating Labelling Regulatory Process

Category: General/E3 Program | Date: 10/05/2006

This document outlines the processes relating to the Australian MEPS and Energy Labelling Regulation including Design of the Overall Program, Test Capacity, Preparation and Publication of a Regulatory Proposal for a Product, Design and Implementation of

11 Nov

Presentation: Commercial Refrigeration - Registration for MEPS

Category: Refrigeration - Commercial | Date: 11/11/2005

This presentation was delivered at the NAEEEC Commercial Refrigeration Compliance Forum on the 11th of November 2005 by Mark Ellis of Mark Ellis and Associates.

21 Jun

Regulatory Impact Statement: Proposal to increase MEPS for Room Air Conditioners and harmonise MEPS for single and three-phase units

Category: Space Heating and Cooling, MEPS | Date: 21/06/2005

This is a regulatory impact statement (June 2005) addressing a proposal to increase the minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for non-ducted air conditioners of up to 10 kW, hereafter referred to as room air conditioners (RACs), and to harmonise M

01 Apr

MEPS Profile: Halogen Lighting Transformers 2005

Category: Lighting, MEPS | Date: 01/04/2005

This report (April 2005) examines the potential to apply minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) to halogen transformers, in order to accelerate the transition to low loss units and to eliminate inefficient models.

01 Mar

MEPS Profile: Compact Fluorescent Lamps 2005

Category: Lighting, MEPS | Date: 01/03/2005

This paper examines whether Australian Governments should proceed with the use of MEPS and/or an endorsement label for compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in the Australian market, and if so, what criteria this label should be based upon.

01 Mar

Regulatory Impact Statement: Proposal to Increase MEPS for Room Air Conditioners

Category: Space Heating and Cooling, MEPS | Date: 01/03/2005