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GEMS Compliance Monitoring


GEMS Compliance Monitoring

2016/17 air conditioner update

During 2016/17, the GEMS Regulator completed the check testing of air conditioners and undertook market surveillance of air conditioner labelling and registration compliance. Of the 14 air conditioner models check tested, 12 met the relevant GEMS level requirements and energy efficiency claims of suppliers. GEMS surveillance activities found 74 per cent of air conditioner models to be correctly labelled and ninety per cent of air conditioner models inspected held approved registrations. 

At the completion of Stage Two check testing, two air conditioner models did not meet the GEMS requirements and the registrations of these two models were cancelled:

  • Dunnair PHS 12
  • ICE Solair ICE(RC)-60WM

Check tests of a further eight models are yet to be completed.

It was found that 24 per cent of air conditioner models required to display a label had no label. All products offered for supply (including dummy head units) must display an energy rating label. Manufacturers and suppliers may be able to assist by ensuring extra labels are provided to retailers for this purpose.

Six per cent of air conditioner models were found to have expired registrations. Registrants should actively manage registrations, and, when a registration is about to expire, either renew the registration or advise suppliers the model is to be removed from supply until the registration has been renewed.

As we move into summer, the GEMS Regulator will be monitoring the supply of solar assisted air conditioners.