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Lighting – Updated policy positions


Lighting – Updated policy positions

Topic: Lighting

Document for comment

On 13 September 2017, a Lighting – Updated policy positions document was released for stakeholder comment. This document provides an overview on the feedback received on the Lighting Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (CRIS) , updates policy positions, and provides a basis for further consultation with industry, community and other stakeholders. It also provides more technical detail on some proposals outlined in the CRIS.

Feedback on this document will inform preparation of the Decision RIS (DRIS). The DRIS will be submitted to the Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG’s) Energy Council and the New Zealand Government to decide whether to implement the policy proposals and update and introduce new energy efficiency regulations for lighting products. The DRIS is expected to be considered by Energy Ministers at the end of the year.

Making a Submission

We invite interested stakeholders to provide feedback on the Lighting – Updated policy positions document, including responses to the questions posed.

The closing date for written submissions is 5pm AEDT Thursday 12 October 2017 and should include the subject: ‘Lighting - Updated policy positions’.

In providing feedback, please be specific by clearly outlining the rationale of any concerns, suggested amendments and evidence to support alternative positions.

Note: Submissions will be published on the energy rating website, as will the names of all stakeholders who have made submissions. If you do not want your submission to be published, please advise in the covering email that the submission is to be treated as confidential.