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Supplying GEMS Products


Supplying GEMS Products

Topic: Compliance

Registration Compliance

GEMS Inspectors have recently undertaken a number of visits to retail stores as part of the GEMS Compliance Monitoring Program.

This market surveillance ensures retailers and other suppliers of GEMS products are complying with their obligations for registration and labelling under the GEMS Act.

Retailers and other suppliers must ensure all models of GEMS products are registered against the relevant GEMS determination prior to supplying, or offering to supply, the products.

Registration is often undertaken by the manufacturer or importer prior to the product being imported into Australia; however, any person in the supply chain may be the registrant.

Retailers and suppliers of GEMS products can confirm whether a product is currently registered by searching the Registration Database, or requesting the GEMS registration number or a copy of each model's 'Approval Certificate' (also known as the 'Notice of Registration under the GEMS Act') from their distributor/supplier. If a model is unregistered, retailers must not supply, or offer to supply it, until it is registered.

The 'Supplying GEMS products: Registration compliance' fact sheet contains further information on the supply of GEMS products and registration compliance.